R-F300-1500, The fastest fluting machine ever made

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Searching for new technological improvements applied to the food processing industry is in Balaguer Rolls’ DNA since its beginnings, more than 100 years ago. As leader company in manufacturing centrifugal chilled cast rolls for the milling industry, Balaguer Rolls has applied its knowledge to develop machines for the sector which help its customers to reduce time and cost in the fluting procedure. It is for that reason that, Balaguerhas become the global sole distributor of Rodomach, an expert company in manufacturing and installing high-quality robot machines and systems, specialised in CNC machinery, that has developed a machine which reduces the fluting time by almost 40%.



The strategic association of both leader companies gives rise to the fastest fluting machine in the market, achieving the incredible return speed of 105m/min of the tool, drastically reducing the fluting time in order to increase mills’ productivity.

This competitive advantage has been achieved by completely redesigning the fluting machine, by changing the system and maintaining the bench with the roll fixed all the time during the fluting process and by only moving the support  with the fluting tool.This principle reduces the  moving weight and, the cycle time. Because of this, the machine is only using 2 kW of electrical power.

Moreover, the new R-F300/1500 has the most compact design in the market, by reducing the machine surface up to 30% and easing its instalment in any mill or workshop.




-Fluting speed

The new fluting machineR-F300/1500 is the fastest machine in the market, having a cutting speedof 30 m/min and a return speed of 105 m/min. Thus, the machine reduces the fluting cycle up to 38%, by drastically increasing the machine’s productivity. All this is carried out without increasing the power consumption (only 2kW). Because of the orientation of the cutting tool the R-F 300/1500 doesn’t need compressed air for chip removal on the roll.Both aspects reduces operational costs dramatically.


- Smaller machine

The machine R-F300/1500 surface is 30% smaller, with a compact design launched as the fluting machine with the most reduced measurements and weight (only 4.5 tons), so the start-up is simplified and the transport costs are reduced.


-Lower speed in-and out fluting

By lowering the tool speed when contacting and leaving the roll surface, the machine achieves the most accurate roll care and increases the lifetime of the tool. In addition to this, it achieves fewer break out of material andpreserving the roll shape.


-Single and multitool system

The new FL300/1500 is prepared for operating with both systems as well as for adapting to the customer’s needs under any circumstances. Moreover, the machine makes it possible to quickly change the tool by using the state-of-the-art VDI tool holder.


-Live visual process control with camera

By assembling the most advanced control panel in the market, the worker can see the fluting process at all times directly through the high-definition camera installed next to the fluting tool. Thus, the worker has clear visual Information for making sure, during the whole fluting process, thatthe machine achieves a perfect flute as well as detects the tool wear out in order to sharpen or change it at the right time.


-Intuitive software Control

The software developed guarantees the shortest and easiest work preparation, allowing all users to get the most out the machine in only few easy and quick steps. The machine also allows the remote access with mobile phone or PC, in order to control the fluting process remotely.


-Greatest Optional features

The new R-F300/1500 includes the OFT 2.0, the world’s only device able to check rolls profiles by optical vision without roll contact. The Optical Fluting Test allows quickly and accurately checking the state of the flutes in the roll by ensuring the highest quality fluting process.

The machine also brings the possibility to include the greatest features as the steady rest with digital read-out or the automatic length compensation of the tool.



The new fluting machine R-F300/1500 brings about a technology leap in the milling industry, since it achieves a fluting speed (30m/min) and return speed (105m/min) never seen before. As a result, the fluting machine by Rodomach reduces the fluting time significantly, so time and costs are reduced as well as productivity is increased.

Its operation speed, its compact size and its ease of use makes the R-F300/1500  fluting machine the most powerful machine in the market.